Jungian view on anime

So, cartoons are essentialy made for kids. They convey messages by the archetypes, primordial patterns humans understand since birth, or shortly after. That is why people love good cartoons so much, they feel so natural.

However, cartoons are I by no means completely harmless. Playing with archetypes can be on the one hand extremely humerous, but on the other emotionaly devastating. This is why I think bad cartoon is very dangerous to a kid. He/she will understand it, but that is the bad part of it. By bad cartoon I don’t mean that the author missed to represent the archetype, but that it used archetypes to give strong emotionally devastating message.

I think that many of this kind of dangerous cartoons are within the anime genre. Sometimes they play with archetypes on high philosophical level where mere words can be devastating. Conveying that message with archetypes can be even more devastating.


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